Display Resolution Setting

Just arrived. Thanks, @guido.gunther!


I tried it on the Librem5 VM, it’s great for the VM, but the block with scale 100% | 200% disapears just after clicking 100%
I have to reboot if I want to go back to 200%, do you have the same behavior on the actual phone ?

I would also point out that beyond adding more GUI options, they also made the GUI more stable ! :+1:

I made a soft which is kind of messing with the Window Manager (bad behavior of my soft in specific situation) it ended killing my soft or killing Phosh (or Phoc)

I updated (didn’t do it for many days) the system after seeing this thread : my soft is still messing with the Window Manager (I have to fix that now :sweat: …) but no more crash :partying_face: (it will prevent me from making a bug report :smiley: )

Nope! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree!

Thanks indeed, didn’t even notice this on my pine. Now I can finally set up and use evolution :B


Damn, this didn’t aged well …I just crashed the GUI again, but seems harder to trigger

I don’t have the same interface for the settings, because I’m using a byzantium build
So … spoiler alert !! The display settings will look more like this in the futur, with screen color warmer options :stuck_out_tongue: :

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Gawd, I wish I had this for PinePhone Mobian!

You do have it for PinePhone Mobian :slight_smile:

Just update it. Or maybe you need to start over from a newer image, I’m not sure about that. Anyway I do have phosh 0.8.0, with the display scaling feature, on my PinePhone with Mobian, that was installed using some recent image, I think it was “mobian-pinephone-phosh-20210124.img”.

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You’re welcome! In fact that came as a side effect since it’s useful for 4K external screens and such so we can have it for the built in display too.


That’s interesting. I update Mobian daily (there are lots of updates), so I went to settings and there it was. Unfortunately, it just toggles 100% & 200% – I thought it let you set an arbitrary scaling factor. Even worse, after toggle Phosh went unstable and I had to restart. It really made things too small on many screens, anyway.

What I’d really like is a scaling widget on the status bar pulldown that lets us set an arbitrary scale factor. Better yet, with per application persistent settings. It would go a long way to making Phosh a daily driver on all distributions.

Fractional scaling is not yet officially supported in Gnome:
In other posts in this forum someone wrote about experimental fractional scaling.
Anyway there is per-monitor scaling:
For this reason I’m choosing an ultrawide display, to use with my L14 and L5 (still waiting them), big enough to have readable text by running at 100% scaling (unscaled), I thought about 34" 3440x1440, unfortunately in shops I cannot find showed samples to test neither my friends use such a monitor to test.
Do someone of you read text icons and file names on an unscaled 34-35" ultrawide monitor at 3440x1440?

There needs to be a 150% scale option.

Try this and check if it is stable and usable:

bug reports are welcome

@fralb5 if you want to file a bug report, you can do so here: https://source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-/issues

Before I did not pasted the link

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I’ll do that, but I don’t have an easy way of triggering this (it’s like around 5-10 min of active mouse moving and clicking randomly in my soft)

@fralb5, I’ve been meaning to ask you: What are you referring to when you talk about a “soft?”

I mean shortcut for ‘software’ :stuck_out_tongue:
As english is not my natural language, is it an odd way to refer to a ‘software’ ? or is it just a shortcut used by devs? :thinking:

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Not any devs that I know.

I’ve never heard it used that way, but I’m not saying it’s specifically wrong or anything. Thanks for the explanation!

And I’m not a developer, of course…