Dissatisfied with refund policy

Two years after I have ordered the Librem 5 I still have no Librem phone in my hands, so I wanted to cancel my order for full refund. The thing is, they tell me that cancelation is not possible and I get nothing back.
My money is gone and no product has been delivered after two years of waiting.
Well, that’s fishy.
Just wanted you to know befor you order something here.


Some comments:

  1. you can not order here
  2. people who order in shop.puri.sm perhaps will not read your post
  3. I‘m waiting for 3++ years and will continue waiting

Actually everybody here in the forum knows this already. There are multiple threads about it.


And it has been said and re-said in every possible way, with all possible nuance, coming from people who take different stance on this matter. Also, iT,s a story so big, the movie is coming out soon. Check this out!


Just wait. If you get your money back you have less. With the semiconductor issue, you can sell your Phone likely for +150%.
I wait for 18 month, but i understand why. Librem is a Phone that you can not buy right now. So it is expansive for some time.

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And even lack of nuance…


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You can get a refund send them a demand letter and contact your State Atty office. I just got my refund