Dissenter Web Browser

Anyone here install the Dissenter Browser software on the Librem 5?

I don’t know if it would install on to an ARM processor or not, or whether or not the source code is available. But I do everything on my phone and will want to use this software on my Librem 5 when it arrives.

This software is designed to block all advertising and all snooping as you browse the web. It also has a feature that I have never seen anywhere else. When you enter any URL, it automatically builds links to that URL in a comments area in GAB. So the moderators of any forum can not block or moderate you or any of your posts as you comment about their forum or website, if you you use Dissenter, and post to the link to their forum on the Gab side, instead of commenting directly on to their forum or website. Anyone else who also has Dissenter will automatically see your comments about those other websites or forums when they go to those other websites or forums. But unless you use Dissenter, you (or the moderators or users of the given forum), are unaware in most cases that this feature even exists and is in use, against their own forum or website.

The down side for some people is that both Dissenter and Gab lean to the right politically. Most people that lean left don’t like Gab because they claim that there are no moderation rules. But regardless of your political beliefs, the “no ads” and “no tracking” features are there.