Divorcing Apple Project: Syncing Podcasts Between iPhone and Purism Solutions?

I intend to get rid of the iPhone as soon as its doable. Until then I need the lowest friction solution to sync podcasts from the Vocals (or similiar) desktop podcasting app, and the IPhone.

Current solution:
connect the iPhone to the Linux.
Click “trust this computer”
Copy/paste Vocals directory into the VLC iPhone directory. Use VLC on the iPhone.

Problem: High friction. Does not track plays & listens. Does not auto delete played podcasts.

Anyone have a better solution? Ideal solution would have a Linux desktop app that works well with the iPhone app. And could sync seamlessly.

P.S. I’m happy to jailbreak if necessary.

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Unfortunately, I can’t help, as I’ve fought this same battle. I’ve yet to find a podcast player and/or organizer that works as well as Apple’s Podcast app, or one that works with it.

My recommendation for as long as you have the iPhone would be to run iTunes in Wine and sync podcasts through your Apple ID.