Do other instances federate with

I am using to post my impressions of Librem 5 and noticed that none of my posts appear on the other instances, e.g. and

Have other instances stopped to accept posts from Librem One? I see that posts of Purism, Sebastian Krzyszkowiak do appear there, but posts of other users like me don’t.

Where do you see that exactly?

When I look at all I see only “” posts, and at I see only “” posts.

Could it be that you see those because you are logged in and you are following those accounts? Do you see posts from other instances from people you are not following?

Thank you for your reply. Indeed, my mistake, I did not formulate it clearly. I expect that my posts should appear here: and here:

Actually, my third post for some reason appeared in the second link, but not the first two.

OK, then I see what you mean. I don’t know the answer but a guess is that this might have something to do with that the posts that are visible have been boosted by people on those other instances. Since does not have a public timeline of its own, maybe there is nowhere the other instances could look to find “all” posts from – then, maybe, the other instances only become aware of posts from via the users, when the users on the other instances follow/favorite/boost stuff from All this is just speculation, but if it turns out to be right then what you need is more followers and boosts. :slight_smile:

Indeed, this looks like what happened. It works now, thank you.

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