Do you know any RSS app with Nextcloud News that works well?

Hello, I’ve tested a lot of RSS feed readers that I’ve tried to connect to Nextcloud News but so far, none of them have given me complete satisfaction:

  1. NewsFlash doesn’t manage to connect to Nextcloud if I’m on 4G, only wifi synchronizes (but I use RSS readers mainly on the move).
  2. Fluent Reader connects to Nextcloud, but its interface is not compatible with a smartphone.
  3. Feeds has a great interface but doesn’t offer synchronization with Nextcloud.
  4. others (RSS Guard, Akregator, etc.) either have a non-smartphone-friendly interface, no Nextcloud News synchronization, or are declared unsafe.

So have you heard of a reader that would do the trick?

Many thanks for your kind help !

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Newsflash you can enable auto sync on data in the settings, and set the polling frequency. You can also manually refresh.

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Thank you. Did you succeed to sync with 4G ? I could connect on wifi only.

I haven’t had any issues syncing over 3G/4G. I should clarify though that while I downloaded Newsflash to hook up to Nextcloud, I have not hooked it up that way, and am using Local RSS instead, so perhaps it is an issue specific to the API that you’re encountering. Make sure sync on metered connections is enabled in settings.

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Thank you for your feedback. I would like to share that I succeeded to connect with Newsflash with 4G !
I am with a Oneplus 6, and I had to enable metered connections as you said, and I had to NOT enable Sync on startup (because when I did it, the app crashed).

So, for my needs, Newsflash is the good app !

I just want to say that with Librem 5 I have the error. I have opened an issue on Newsflash gitlab hoping to find a solution !
Newsflash seems to connect to Nextcloud and sync News after phone startup WIFI ON 4G OFF, but does not sync with 4G ON Wifi OFF.