Dockerfile for PureOS container build


I’m looking for a (Official) Dockerfile to build a PureOS container.

What I have found so far is:
The last one has some activity, the first one has 0 pulls.

This container is referenced in the directory:
But no clean Dockerfile that was used to build this

Another request for a container was here:

I think it would be useful to have such container for instance to run the dev tools in and for the dev kit and unit testing on CI.
That way everybody that likes to do some work on PureOS and the devkit can just pull the container and take that as a starting point.

USB can be connected from within a container, and the X-window can be exported with VNC.

Anybody already did some work or has a useful pointer to add to this thread?

Many thanks in advance,

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The tracker link you mentioned have been updated, and the following works for me:

podman pull pureos/byzantium:latest

However I’m not sure where the source code is and often this repository is updated, does anyone know? The link here says it was updated two years ago…

@jeremiah Seems to be the originator. Based on ->

But from his last blog entry, he might not be active any more in this forum. “* April[2022] was my last month working for Purism as Director of PureOS. I now work for Intel as an Open Source Program Manager.”

Maybe someone from Purism still has the Docker recipes or the new PureOS director at Purism might?