Docking Station

Yes, please ensure that you are using USB2.0 cable for connecting it directly to CSV-1599 PD port (this should help there) and not the original Librem 5 USB-C cable:

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Ok. I tried the other USB-C charging port, the USB-A port, and a different 65w power adapter for a Dell laptop. All gave the same result with a couple small exceptions. While using the Dell adapter I ran lsusb and for a brief moment the 2.0GB flash drive plugged into the dock appeared to be recognized by the L5. It’s worth noting that drive has a light that would always flash briefly when inserted to the dock. Out of curiosity I watched the underside of the old optical USB mouse to see if it also briefly lit up when inserted. It did. I’m guessing from this that the dock has enough power but my issue still lies with the L5 and it’s ability to recognize things through the dock OR the dock itself is having some problem I can’t diagnose. I don’t have one of those fancy little power things like @Quarnero to test the cables and all.

There is no other USB-C charging port, the second USB-C is 10Gbps data output port (please do not repeat such mistakes and use only PD input port for providing power to this dock/hub.

P.S. I’ll read rest of your post afterwards.

The other port on the 100w charging adapter, not the CSV-1599. I understand the ports and their purpose on the CSV-1599 dock.

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Question for you guys using various docks. When the Librem 5 screen blanks do these docks stop charging the phone? I’ve noticed with my Nexdock that when the screen blanks, then shortly after the Nexdock goes into sleep mode the phone stops charging. If I connect my Samsung S22 to the doc it continues to charge in fact the screen just goes blank on the dock but wakes with a key press or mouse movement. With the Librem I have to turn on the dock again. It would be really nice if the phone would continue to charge even when both screens went blank.

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Negative. Docking stations use pass-through charging, and therefore not comparable with the Nexdock USB-C port that is designed to provide power of max. around 5V/0.9A (besides data and video signals), just another non-expert approach, but hope still gives you some idea on why I didn’t buy some lapdock (not yet).

@cyber_fu, quality (for the purpose/stability required) 0.5 meters (or longer) USB2.0 cables aren’t necessarily cheap:

EDIT: Yes, but please take into account that electrical current (PD) runs toward the Librem 5 or the from the Librem 5 USB-C port. Therefore using lsusb during setup when only Librem 5 battery provides power (in opposite direction, through USB-C host cable on this dock, where as usually Librem 5 connected) to the CSV-1599 dock you should be able to get/see this USB Flash Drive “light that would always flash briefly”. Same relates to into USB-A port connected mouse (please check lsusb output as well).

I guess not all cables are created equal huh? :wink:

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I got that startech cable in yesterday and tried every combination of things I could. At one point I was able to see the usb0 interface via ifconfig and it appeared in the Network settings GUI but, it said the cable was disconnected even as I was watching lights blink on the dock. The monitor and charging of the phone worked just the same as before but, still no luck on a flash drive, mouse, or keyboard. I think at this point on my journey I am very much thinking this is an issue of PureOS on the L5USA having a lack of drivers to cover the gammet of USB docks available. My quest for convergence continues… :cry:

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Look, first of all, one of the very few, yet one of the most reliable (or native) power supplies for the Librem 5 is Google TC G1000, to charge it directly or over the CSV-1599 dock. Secondly, on my second Librem 5 phone I never needed to apply above introduced Ethernet workaround and CSV-1599 was indeed working out-of-the-box with this newer phone (as I recall now), or at least on this second Librem 5 with the recently (few months ago) reflashed PureOS software (you might or should reflash your Librem 5 one day anyway).

As third I already (although badly) wrote:

At this moment you’ll not be able to find better dock for the Librem 5 (as i.MX8M Quad GPU shows there, over this HDMI output, amazing number of colors, no judder, …), yet HiDock might be another docking station that you might want to look into.

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I ordered this dock (Club 3d CSV-1599) and received it today.
I hate to report back that (at least for me) the dock doesn’t work.
More specific, the Ethernet connection comes up for a second and then it shuts down.
I’m going to send it back, to expensive for a not working device.

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I flashed brand new PureOS image a week ago on one of my phones and Ethernet works for me, even without using any power supply, out-of-the-box (with every Librem 5 phone that I take in my hand). Only objection that might block someone using it is that CSV-1599 negotiates max. charging current of 1.4A toward connected Librem 5 (therefore you might want to get one that negotiates 3.0A, the one is linked within this thread as well).

1.4A is pretty fine IMO. I’m mostly using a USB-A DCP supply with my phone, which gives 1.5A. It may be slow to charge under active use while docked to a screen, but I don’t think that would be a dealbreaker, at least to me.

Since CSV-1599 is a USB4 hub, I have a question - do you have some other hub or DP/HDMI adapter? I would be interested in knowing whether one of its USB-C ports can be used to connect a display when attached to a Librem 5.


I think that I understand (as I’m actually do not accustomed to use two monitors, not any more, although there were years that was indeed necessary) your great idea and as I do not have USB-C to HDMI adapter (looks like it’s finally time to spend some money and get one, please wait few days for my final respond) to test USB-C 10G/1.5A on here related Club 3D docking station. And, I’m no expert on USB4 compliance, yet as long as this hub chips indeed within requirements of USB-IF standards compliant (meaning works well with the Librem 5) I’m content:

I can test this later today (or tomorrow) but would like to know in advance if you already tried to have two hubs/docking stations powered independently from two separate power supplies (I’ll take 5V based only) in order to get picture from other hub (over its HDMI port) connected to the CSV-1599 USB-C 10Gbps data port? Did I understood you well? No, second hub, connected to the CSV-1599 USB-C 10Gbps data port should not be powered from other power supply connected to it and still deliver picture to its HDMI port connected monitor (I’ll test this but please be patient with me as I’m either very slow motion man or having some other things to complete at first place). Thanks for your question! Let me check this without having much expectations (I hope for the best result anyway).

I’m asking because I have a portable screen that can be connected via USB-C directly and I wonder whether such screen could be plugged to this hub while the hub is connected to the Librem 5. I heard that USB4 hubs are expected to support that even if host doesn’t do USB4, but I’m not sure how much can I trust this hearsay:)

(the screen also has a HDMI input, but then you need to plug USB-C in as well for power anyway, so this could eliminate one of the cables involved)

No worries, it’s the complete opposite of urgent :smile: And don’t buy things just to test it for me please :wink:

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I’ve checked the CLUB 3D CSV-1599 again.
I can confirm that the dock is recognized by the L5, even without connercting an external power source to the dock.
See image:
According to the specs, the RJ45 interface supports 10M/100M/1000M/2.5G.
My LAN uses 100M so the NIC of the Club 3d should work flawless.

This is the behaviour I observed when using the Club 3d dock:
The Dock start’s at 1000M connection speed. drops to 100M and after a sec or so it turns back
to 1000M speed and next the Nic shut’s down.

The PinePhoneDock (see image below) however works fine. It detects 100M speed and stays on that speed.

Question @Quarnero What network speed have you been using for testing?

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I’m not getting more than 7.0 MB/sec (as not needed more at place where I’m connecting my Librem 5 to Ethernet). In simple words, it is direct connection over Ethernet cable to the one of 4× RJ45, 10/100/1000 autoMDI/MDIX on SPEEDPORT SMART 3 (in Germany).

If typing some command on my Librem 5 needed (during some download), please let me know what I need to type there.

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Thank you for replying, but I wasn’t referring to the network throughput, but the speed at which the Nic settled after negotiation. I can get this setting from within the gnome settings app under network.
I suspect that th dock does not properly works at 100M and therefor switches back to 1000M. That speed is not available at my place and hence the NIC shuts down. Could you be so kind to report the choosen speed from the NIC?
Thanks in advance.

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I think (quickly as trying to be focused on something else) that taking away power (reset, initiate another Ethernet channel for another Ethernet connection device) from your Ethernet device and establishing clean negotiation with (after network up again) the CSV-1599 hub should help there (as moving Ethernet cable from your laptop, for example, to this hub will not work, I think, just use another Ethernet port for any separate Ethernet connection):

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OK, I can see from that screenshot that you are indeed connected at 1000Mb/s.
This confirms my assumption that the dock (NIC interface) has problems negotiating at/to a lower speed.
Thank you for posting that screenshot. :+1:

The dock definitely goes back to Amazon. :unamused: