Docking Station

If you have a managed switch then you should be able to force the port on the switch to 100 Mbit/sec and then see whether this breaks the dock or whether it successfully negotiates (in which case you could post a screenshot showing “connected - 100 Mb/s”.

The actual problem here may be that the dock is trying to negotiate 2.5 Gbit/sec and an ancient switch gets badly confused by that.

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I tried the belkin 6-in-1 usb-c hub which is supposed to support 100w PD passthrough charging, found that it would not charge the phone when the purism supplied brick was plugged into it.

Second attempt at finding a usb-c hub I tried this lasuney 13-in-1 hub, the PD passthrough charging works and ethernet works, have not tested any of the other features yet since I mainly just needed the wired network sharing.

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Latest RTL8156 driver is here: You might want to check with Realtek if they can help you any further (provide to you insight into this chip certification).

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How about using supplied brick to charge your phone and finding QC4.0 or even another PD power supply to provide 5A of pass-through current to that hub?

Hi Quarnero,
Thanks for that link but I no longer have that dock in my posession. It’s at the post office waiting for karnaval to finish :partying_face: and then it will be on its way back.
Again, many thanks for your inut.

Please let us know if Power Hub PH1 works as expected with the Librem 5.

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Hi Quarnero,
I have put my search for a new hub on hold.
I’m considering (but having doubts) to buy a Nexdock.
Thanks anyway.

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I think once the power management is better optimized the Nexdock will truly shine. I have it working pretty well now with the phone maintaining 100% charge in dual screen mode (albeit with the phone brightness tuned down to reduce the power consumption).

Ha! I bought a 2 euro hub at the thrift store almost a year ago (MB expander + it’s called), hoping it might work with the L5.
And it does! I have full convergence on a shoestring. You just gotta love your L5!
Just thought I’d share that with you.

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It is this one (out of stock):

It must be about six years old, then.

Searching for a answer, saw the above. Went to the site, but every font takes up the whole screen. Can’t even navigate with it like that. Made on a cell phone probably.

@Quarnero is this Docking station stable with L5 Evergreen? The Hoyoki CB-C71 I received fails to work. Tested on 3 monitor, 3 keyboards and 3 mice.

Test details are at other post.


I’m sorry @Sharon but I don’t use Kwumsy PH1. It is specific usage scenario hub that should ensure (under Linux) max. data/voice/video transfer of 100Mbps over its RJ45 port.

I was referring to the Hoyoki. It’s sold by Pure in the store.
I contacted Hoyoki but looks like they don’t have a site any more. I hope it wasn’t the form I filled out that killed their site. :slight_smile: mmm, on second thought.

Anyone know if a usbc hub with power delivery attached to the phone via the host port and then one of the other usbc ports attached to a Nexdock input port would drive the display and touch screen?

What I’m trying to achieve is bypass the Nexdock’s charging the phone but still accept the usb-c signal from the phone. Is this doable? Or is the only option to use HDMI from the docking station to the Nexdock?

Generally - no, although some recent USB4 hubs may be able to make it work this way.

What do you mean by “bypass the Nexdock’s charging”? What are you trying to achieve?

Power bank (or power cord) to dock, dock to phone and nexdock. External power charges phone (maybe nexdock) through dock, not nexdock charges phone. Phone display on nexdock, nexdock inputs register on phone.

The nexdock only outputs something like 900 mA which only keeps up with the librem 5 under certain conservative circumstances. I would like some sort of hub or adapter that passes the data straight through to the dock but takes power from say the L5 charger or equivalent so i can run the L5 wide open without having to manage the power usage all the time.

I wondered if that would work. I guess you would need a dock with 2 PD ports. One for the phone. One for the nexdock.