Document scan software not connecting to HP Envy 6000 printer

A month ago I successfully scanned a doc with the Document Scanner PurOS software. I have an HP Envy 6000 series printer.
Yesterday I tried to scan and the Document Scanner message said ‘cannot connect to scanner’.
I have printed a test page with the HP Printer and it works fine.
Any ideas on what I can try?
Thanks a whole bunch

Hope this check-up checklist (few partial tips) helps:
$ sudo apt update
$ apt list hplip (sudo apt install hplip −− if not installed)
$ apt list sane-utils
$ scanimage -L
$ scanimage --help -d DEVICE''
$ apt list xsane xsane-common
$ xsane −− please click on Scan icon.

Hello Quarnero
Thanks for the response.
I will give it a try.
Really appreciate it.

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Hello again
Just wanted to share a quick update.
The scanner / printer / back up flash drive issues all appear to have stemmed from an automatic ‘update’ from Purism. I have been working with a Support rep at Purism Support and after running some ‘fixes’ everything now seems to be almost normal.
Really appreciate everyone’s help