Does bluetooth work? If no, any idea when?

I’ve read that the Librem Laptops still don’t have bluetooth working.
At least not without non-free software but, lets be honest that doesn’t really “work” ;). 1

I am fine utilizing a USB adaptor temporarily and utilizing the kill switch but long term would like to be able to utilize the built in stuff. I’ve heard Thinkpenguin sells high end USB Adaptors: thinkpenguin .com/catalog/wireless-networking-gnulinux
Same with Technoethical: tehnoetic. com/adapters

However, my main issue is that I don’t want non-free software installed and I was kinda hoping to dual boot QubesOS without the fear of any non-free software being installed. QubesOS installs any-and-all recommended firmware by default. Any suggestions to maybe get around this?