Does Librem 14 work with iTunes

Can I install iTunes on a Librem 14 with PureOS? I would love to buy the computer but I need a computer with iTunes to sync with my iPod Classic so I can buy music, podcasts, and audiobooks on the iTunes library and import it to my iPod to listen to.

Thank you

Its possible to run iTunes under wine.

I haven’t fully tested it, but Rhythmbox is capable of syncing an iPod for music and podcasts if you can’t get iTunes working.

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How do you run Wine on the Librem 14?


You could go all in and buy a Librem5. Going forward purchase music like anything else you buy. Amazon and numerous others compete to sell you music. Apple likes a captive audience.

You can also use something like Crossover which directly supports and is a driving force in Wine improving. It simplifies the whole installation and setup process.

You could also just run a Windows VM for the express purpose of running iTunes.

But i think iTunes runs through Crossover (and thus Wine).

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