Does librem have a logistical office in Europe?

I will probably order librem 5 soon.
Since i do not reside in the US, can i arrange to pick it up
somewhere in Europe so as to avoid the headache of being dependent
on shipping and custom constraints and schedule ?


The campaign page mentions “European reseller” and “free worlwide shipping”.
I parse that as “within the Schengen area, no aditional cost/tax/custom fees should be expected”

For GB, it might depend on whether the phone is actually shipped in January or after Brexit…
Related: Librem 5 $599 reward - what-ifs, and import tax (UK)
(In contrast to above article, GB is shown as “cooperating” in the German Wikipedia article).

Can you specify who and where is this European reseller located ?
contact information would be appreciated

No details were published on the Europen reseller. I could only speculate that it might be, the shop run by @nicole.faerber, Head of Mobile.

However, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I ordered my Librem 13 from the US, not floss-shop, and it went very smooth. I just had to pay the import taxes to the delivery man.
So, I guess the worst that could happen (if no European reseller) is that you have to pay ~100€ to to delivery man.

“I wouldn’t worry too much about it…”

“A happy customer” :wink:

Me too (Librem 13 v3) via