Does my gps work? How to find?

There’s a number of discussions about th e issue with GPS or NGSS ?
But there’s a lot of conversations in silgtly different directions.
Any chance of one set of instructions on how to make sure GPS works - in order to make the naigation work.
Thank you

The problem is either GPS or GNSS but for antenna for g.n.s.s sensitive through a capacitor, however both revisions of L5 work like same in my case but things will change depend where the L5 is located in the world. My recommend is that Shutdown L5 and wait till PureOS Crimson for some reason.

I stand by what I wrote two years ago: New Post: November Librem 5 update: Byzantium Released - #36 by irvinewade

That tells you that the GNSS chip is working (or not).

Obviously it would be helpful if you already know your approximate latitude and longitude so that you can confirm that the valid data (as reported by the GNSS chip) is also correct. It of course should be correct but if you want to make sure that “it works” then that would be a sensible part of validation.

Until you are confident that your GNSS chip is working, it is not worth worrying about any software that layers on top of it.