Does pure OS ship with an AI assistant?

All modern operating systems are now shipping with AI assistants (cortana, google assistant, siri, alexa etc). This is especially important with a phone where the abillity to quickly perform tasks is usefull. In short does PureOS ship with a built in AI or not and will this be ported to the Librem 5? an example of a free assistant

I think it best that these kinds of things stay as optional software the user can install later. At most PureOS just having a button in it to install it if the user desires.

Because ya know, it needs access to the microphone and stuff and most people don’t use it. I certainly wouldn’t want it. When I install Windows I use LTSB in part because of no Cortana on it (among others).

In any case - I’d be fine with Purism making installing an AI assistant a one-click option for those that really want one, but definitely not installing it by default.


Well said. I’ll add though that these “modern” OSs are not an example for us but rather an opposite of how we should never do. Some things they do are ok, but for the most part we should really think for ourselves if we really need smth, based on strong arguments and not by any means by following the crowds.

If Purism were to follow them, well… this thread just as this website wouldn’t exist lol :wink: