Does Purebrowser implement automatic analytics? [No, it does not]

I recently decided to test PureOS in VirtualBox. While waiting for the install to complete, I fired up PureBrowser. I was immediately taken aback by a bar that popped up at the bottom of PureBrowser saying, “PureBrowser automatically sends some data to Purism so that we can improve your experience. [Choose what I share]”. After clicking on the ominous warning, I found a settings page with a blank tab on “Data Choices”. So, if PureBrowser is reporting analytics (which it claims it is), there is no easy opt-out.

TL;DR: Does PureBrowser automatically send info about my system to Purism as it claims?

PS: Attached are screenshots of the offending warning and the blank settings tab.

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I believe it should be opt-in only.

To improve your experience allow PureBrowser to send some data to Purism.

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Or a better wording could be:

To help improve PureBrowser, send some data to Purism.

And the “Data Settings” tab would provide:

  • An easy way to opt-in
  • A detailed explanation of what data would be sent
  • A short explanation of how this data helps improve the software
  • A preview of the actual data being sent
  • And preferably granular controls so I can provide some but not all useful data
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I do not think it reports the data, and the message is an artifact. I too was alarmed when I first fired up my Librem in April.

Best to check here.

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And it is apparently solved in the latest builds.