Does PureOS defaults to UEFI instead of SeaBIOS in the future?

Saw this in the changelog from MrChromebox a few days ago:
" - added UEFI Full ROM firmware for all Purism Librem laptops"

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I think you’re confusing a few related but separate things.

PureOS is the operating system shipped on Librem laptops.

PureBoot is Purism’s tamper-evident boot firmware, which leverages coreboot, Heads, and a Librem key. It’s currently in beta and is not yet shipped on new devices.

The standard coreboot firmware on Librem laptops uses SeaBIOS as a payload for legacy boot. This is what ships on all Librem laptops.

My community coreboot release is completely separate from my work for Purism. Its focus is supporting coreboot+UEFI on ChromeOS hardware. I added support for Librem laptops in the latest release because it was easy to do and some people had asked for it. From Purism’s standpoint, it’s unsupported 3rd-party firmware.


Thank you for your explanation.
I’m relating to this ticket and thought it has something to do with it.

that ticket is solely about making PureOS boot on non-Purism devices with UEFI firmware
(it will also allow PureOS to boot on Purism devices running my UEFI firmware)

for now not even debian buster + non-free can install from a live environment. after a few seconds - once the install process starts - it errors out (something about squashfs)

UEFI works when installed directly of the live-iso hybrid image immediately after the boot sequence offers you the choice of booting in the live environment or engaging the installer or graphical debian installer.

hint-hint as i said if you boot into the live environment and try to install to your local storage from there it will error out soon after you’ve finished setting up the partitions and whatnot …