Does someone here have obs studio working properly?

For the last couple days i am trying to make obs work for recording purposes but the program can’t capture nothing. no window, no whole screen… nothing…
after fooling around with settings and some googling on different linux forums i noticed that this is a common problem with obs.
And maybe pureos is also blocking it for security/privacy reasons?
Does someone here have obs working properly?

I do on a different distro. I had to tell it to capture a specific window versus the while desktop.

so obs doesn’t work on pureos?

I’m just saying what I had to do to get it to capture. It just so happened it was on a different distro.

I have been using obs studio on pureos for the past few months and I haven’t had any issues. I primarily use window capture for recording.

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Obs doesn’t capture anything at all.
How did you get it work?

When I open up Obs Studio in the left bottom corner under “Sources” I click on the “+” sign which pulls up a list. On that list I click on “Window Capture (Xcomposite)”. Once “Window Capture (Xcomposite)” is in the “Sources” box I click on “Window Capture (Xcomposite)” to highlight it blue and a drop down list called “[Device not connected or not available]” just above will be seen. I then click on “[Device not connected or not available]” and choose which specific window I want to record. Once I choose a specific window it will then appear in Obs Studio and then just click on the “Start Recording” button.

Just so you know I have the Flatpak version installed of Obs Studio. I wanted to try it out and I haven’t had any issues but I will probably switch to the repo verison.


Works for me. A bit of an annoying workaround but for my use case it is sufficient. Thanks

i don’t see [Device not connected or not available] in drop down list.
also you talk about Xcomposite. i don’t have that. i have Pipewire.
maybe thats the problem that it not working with me?

workaround? how?

When I add sources > “Window Capture (XComposite)” is on there. It allows for capture of windows, not full monitors. I’m no expert on obs, but it works for me. A tad bit glitchy, but workable

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