Does something start to change thanks to Purism?

I’m not sure what you mean. System76 has been around for many more years than Purism, but System76 is focusing on performance and not privacy or security (or software freedom to the lowest level possible). I was considering a System76 laptop before I learned about Purism.


I mean that by reading the article, they have made a desktop with free hardware

I do think things are changing, but hardly thanks to Purism alone. Purism is part of the change, though.

I’m of the opinion that System76s approach is one that gets us to the goal faster, BUT am grateful that a privacy and secure alternative exists with Purism.

I am of the opinion that what System76 is offering really with the Thelio is a powerful system with all the bugs and driver issues worked out.

I could go out and build a similar system and it would cost significantly less but would have potential problems with drivers, etc.

The Thelio Massive with Qubes on it would be ideal.

I really wonder if I could already convert my very similar system system to Qubes now as this would essentially be the same thing System76 is offering. I always though pass through for GPUs would be a pain for native windows emulation. I wonder if qubes hypervisor offers good 3d performance.

Thelio is open hardware like a Mac is it.
That’s a standard x86 with standar UEFI, they did not even use coreboot.

Thelio is pure marketing, nothing to do with open hardware or privacy

UEFI is not about open hardware. The only apple-y thing about it I see is that it is high-class.
Thelio has a open harware case + plus a open hardware controller, including free firmware for that controller, all on github. It may not be what you’re longing for, but it’s a start. Neither System 76 nor Purism have the capacity to pull a 100% libre system out of their magic hat. But every step in that direction deserves our appreciation.


When a company state that they are offering the first open hardware, and i see all this closed stuff, i can’t appreciate it. But that’s me, everyone can feel it as they prefear.

I don’t make my living with computers and I know very little about there inner workings but my thought would be that when you connect to the internet for whatever reason you use something like Purism and then transfer it over to something like a System 76 powerhouse to do you’re work and never connect it to the internet as well as order it without wireless, bluetooth or anything else where it could be compromised.

I have no idea if this would work for some people or not but that would be what I would try to do if I used a computer to make a living. The big problem is, that would cost $$$$$$.

What is “Pass Through”?

Pass through, in the context of virtual machines, means that you could pass a hardware asset like a video card directly to the guest operating system within the virtual machine. This would give you native performance with that device. However pass through means that the device is not available to the host system.