Does the BIOS have LoJack/Computrace or any other form of tracker?

With the recent rootkit exploits of these BIOS trackers that have been found in the wild that persists in special writable memory areas, even after a BIOS flash and changing HDDs, I’m wondering if the BIOS of Purism supports such persistent settings in the bios.

I’m looking for a replacement machine for Qubes and have been eyeballing Purism for some time over Thinkpads cause of, well, Lenovo being Lenovo.

I’ve partly been holding out to see who will bring the new AMD 2700E 45w 8-core lower-powered beast to the market first with ECC in a laptop (and 32GB ram). Being almost 1/3rd lower wattage, the cooling requirements should be far lower. (Yeah, read where all Purism work is only being put into Intel’s ME disablement at the moment - and mostly no AMD anytime soon). My quad core laptops are always underpowered for the AI and docker work I’m doing and qubes constantly hits the 16 GB mark.