Dogwood has arrived

Purism received their internal Dogwood batch:

Let’s talk about the new batch!


I’m waiting for a nice Easter present

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I’d expect there to be news and posts about this at some point but… PICTURES, please!
The new HW interests but also convergence.

Edit, adding what was in the message:



About this topic, is someone know where to find Tobias’ mockup?
It should be somewhere in GNOME or Purim git, but there is no link in this article.

You mean these, via Home Screen on Librem 5 ?

I found it!


if this keeps going the GNOME 4.0 is going to be the bomb ! Pop!_OS is working on experimental tiling window manager for GNOME but i doubt that it’ll be useful with the touch interface … but maybe in desktop mode ?:thinking:


I sure hope they upstream that.

Evergreen squad count UP !! We’re almost there !!!


@purism: Do you have/known any change, or new information about the Evergreen development/refining news and the shipping date prognosis?
The corona virus i think got more trouble than you expected.

I see the news about the USA covid state problems (catastrophes), and i really hope, the staff is feel good and healthy. Care yourself, wash your hands often, keep your humor, and take distance from each other, but especially from the Windows 10! :slight_smile:


you’re supposed to say “the thing” … :mask:

Still no news on the last batch. Is there a problem with the V2 electronic board more important than a missing resistor or something like that? there u go that article came out in February no change to that it says August for evergreen batch and that hasn’t changed its just now may so 3 months to go

It’s not the point…
Internal batch has arrived 3 weeks ago and there is no news since this day.


Yeah I’ve been expecting news like every day now since the shipment arrived too but nothing yet.

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Finally some news :

At this point we have successfully verified almost all of the components with only a handful left to go and we feel we are pretty close to being able to greenlight the remaining Dogwood PCB production within a week so we can start shipping a few weeks after that.

With some pictures of the new PCB:


First shipments are now planed for the first week of July.


Thanks to all the teams for the new clarifications.

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