Home Screen on Librem 5

It may be a minor UX issue, but it is quite important part in order to adopt the common usage pattern from android or iphone in Librem 5. From Ubuntu Touch, it seems they do not have a customizable home screen, it is a just a list of apps, by swiping right toggling the hidden gnome toolbar, by swiping left it goes to the page outlining some weather information or news etc. From this official report of Librem 5, it seems PureOS has similar approach, a list of apps as home screen, a hidden gnome toolbar from left.

However, it is quite common to have some common use apps put in home screen, and some widget for displaying information. For me, I usually put a clock widget in the front and calendar widget in the side. Could home screen be customize and add widget from e.g. conky? If it is a normal Gnome, it should be possible, but I want to confirm if PureOS customize Gnome in a way it is impossible or difficult to tweak.

Hi @uau7j7woi7,

Some updates from Tobias Bernard, a GNOME designer hired by Purism to work on GNOME Mobile’s UX. In his GUADEC 2018 talk he showed:

You can also find the video of Tobias’ talk at GUADEC 2018

There is no detail about widget, and there is much to bet it is not likely to happen soon after the phone is released.

hello. how interesting. @thib - good intervention with those links.

i’ve just preordered and paid for the full price of the librem 5. as well as librem 15 laptop. i’m so excited to see with my own two eyes what i’ve been waiting for a couple of years now.

whatever the gui for the mobile ends up beeing - imo it should take some inspiration from the blackberry 10 os (now dead) .

for example the clock and alarm type setting/bedside mode - imo genius drag of the indicator point around the circumference of the analog clock. usefull to be able to change to digital too.

or the briliant implementation of the hub + the phisical keyboard makes for a super quick and eficient interaction.

how about the main screen ?

as far as security and privacy go i’ll take the librem 5 as it is but i would like to eventually put the mobile os on my bb q10s instead of the native bb os. maybe buy a librem 5 successor with a physical keyboard on par or greater than what the current bbs offer.

how about sharing/tethering the mobile 3g/4g celular connection through the usb/wireless to the laptop/desktop?

will we get a nice gui for pppoe connections by default or will be have to stick with the current command line interface “sudo pon dsl-provider” type meme. currently there are only wifi/bt offered on the laptops/mobile librem devices. for ethernet usage will we have to buy separate usb/ethernet nic hubs for those of us that connect directly to the condo public modem/gateway ? how does that stand regarding the privacy/security meme ?