Don’t forget the mic switch

Today, I tried to make a phone call and was miffed that the person on the other end couldn’t hear me. Oh darn, I thought, I wish this phone worked the way it is supposed to. Then, I suddenly realized that I needed to check the switch settings on the side of my Librem 5 phone. Sure enough, my microphone switch was turned to the off position. I turned the switch on and tried the call again and, sure enough, everything worked fine. I am such an idiot and this was a learning moment. You can’t make phone calls when the microphone switch is in the off position.


I bet that is something everyone will experience at least once. It was one of the most wanted thing I bought this device, but also forgot it on my first call and also on my 2nd call (where I realized way faster).


The app Calls should have a clear message to the user when the mic HKS is off. Don’t know if this is technical possible at all, though.



Sure you can … if you are a robocaller. :wink:

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Why it shouldn’t? There is also a hint for the camera app when HKS is off.

Plug-In an external microphone (for example an headset) and you also can without being a robot. :wink:


I think this is a rite of passage for L5 users. :smile:


Indeed, code working towards this would be welcome: