Don't Wait For the Rush!

I ordered and paid for my Librem 5 on September 24th, just a few days ago. I thought I would share a few of my reasons here for not waiting any longer to place my order.

As soon as we start seeing the promises-made about the Librem 5 being fulfilled as described by those who are about to receive the first shipments, I expect there to be a stampede of demand.

So many people have been willing to take risks here, to make the Librem 5 become a reality. Even as a believer in the cause, I wasn’t willing to risk my money until the company reaffirmed their shipping date as that date passed. I wasn’t willing to wait for the positive reviews because I wanted to be in the Evergreen group, not in the Willow (or whatever they call the groups two or more years from now) group.

Once the positive reviews start rolling-in, I expect to see Evergreen and Fir fill up fast and I didn’t want to wait any longer, considering that the risk has now dropped to an acceptable level in my mind, not that the risk was ever very high to begin with.

I am just a customer and have no other financial or other interests in Purism.


There is no doubt that risk is falling. The risk two years ago for the initial backers was much higher than it is now, now that there is at least a working product.

My gut feel is that even if you order now, there is a fairly large queue and you will be waiting a while. I guess your logic is that the queue is going to get even bigger!

Me too.