Download speed limiting

Hello. I was trying to download latest librem5 qemu-x86_64(4.58) build from jenkins artifacts. After certain time download speed limited to below 80.0 KB/s. I connected from a different network and it was back to normal speed for sometime.

Just checking whether its intentional.

No, it is not. Usually when something like that happens to me, I toggle the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth hardware kill switch state twice to reset the modem.

No, it is not.

Ok. I don’t think its issue at my side either.

I am talking about downloading to my pc. Not to librem phone.

Same, I only have occasional issues with the Librem 14 on Wi-Fi, and meant to refer to that modem, although the Librem 5 (USA/Liberty) could also be applicable.

I think i have seen similar downloading issues ultimately failing in i/o error with pureos store infrastructure. the only way it works using say the flatpak flathub remote through manual install bypassing PureOS entirely.