Downloading and Testing PureOS mobile

Is it possible to download the PureOS Mobile operating system and flash it to a rooted phone right now?

I have a CAT S60 and would like to keep the device, but use a more secure, privacy enabled operating system. Therefore I would like to try to deploy PureOS onto the phone.
I am a developer, so I am not afraid of doing some tinkering, adjusting or breaking anything :wink:

If not: Will this (, and if so when, will it) be possible to try something like that?

Cheers, Fabian

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Probably it won’t work to install it on another device than the Librem 5 itself, because of the needed binary blobs which are stripped from PureOS.
Your best bet is the VM to try it.

I think that your best bet here with the phone that you already own is to try Lineage OS, it’s the closest you can get from Android to a GNU/Linux device.

If Halium supports your device, you probably can make an image based on PostmarketOS and GNOME Phosh.

But few devices are supported an often it does’nt work very well because of missing drivers.
That’s why we need more open devices running free drivers like Librem 5, PinePhone or Necunos NC_1.