Downloading issues on Librem 15

Hi Purism community,

I am enjoying my new Librem 15 laptop and am well on my transition from Mac. Nevertheless, I am unable to download, install and run the programs that were easy to use in Mac (for example, the official Monero GUI or Wasabi). Are there any detailed, step by step, instructions that I can follow. Although I feel stupid for asking for help, I asked a IT professional at our firm who is “Red Hat certified” to help and he couldn’t figure it out either. Although the Purism community seems awesome, it would probably help on-boarding new users if there was a detailed set of instructions for the most common tasks. Thank you all again for your help and time.

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There is no reason to feel stupid, this is a bit of a “power user” thing. :slight_smile:

Here’s an article on using our software center to manage applications in PureOS:

To install a given application on the Librem you can use the “Software” tool. You can search for various apps and install them directly using that tool. You may not find all the apps you had on your Mac because some may be Mac-only.

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Hey @Zigmeister since PureOS is a derivate from Debian instructions for Debian should be quite similar to PureOS.
I think I’ve found some install instructions for Wasabi with Debian.
If something goes wrong during the installation you might want to google for the error with Debian in the search.
I’d guess that the dpgk -i command does not work successful by telling you that something is missing.
This normally leads to sugestions like use sudo apt-get -f install to install the missing dependencies.
If there are some additional problems during that you should probably post the output of the terminal here so we can help you

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Guys thanks for your help! I will utilize those resources. Thanks again