Downloading libreoffice help

I am new to PureOS and everything Linux.
I got PureOS on a MacBookPro running and working my way into libreoffice.

I have written a book in Apple pages and importing it now into libreoffice.
When I clicked on “help”, libreoffice said, that help is not installed on my computer. Checking the libreoffice website for a download it recommended to consult the PureOS repository first.

How do I get into the PureOS repository to find the help installation for libreoffice and how can I get it downloaded and installed?

Okay, I have spent at least two hours now trying to recreate the table of contents in libreoffice.
I had a table of contents in Apple pages and it was very simple to create it.
I understand that libreoffice writer offers a lot more choices. But when the choices are so overwhelming in number and variety that the novice cannot manage it anymore, we have defeated the purpose.

After all the struggles with PureOS and now libreoffice in the last six weeks, I have come to the point that I need to make a decision, if I am going to proceed or abandon everything and go back to Apple iOS and pages.

I have also written books and large documents in MS word and didn’t have as many problems as in libreoffice.

I am trying PureOS and libreoffice to decide what kind of laptop I am going to buy next. If this software is not manageable I will not buy a librem computer.

If someone can help me to quickly set up a table of content in libreoffice writer I might make it.

It is on the Internet


I am working offline 95% of the time. I need to know how to download the libreoffice help to PureOS.

But basically if you go to Download LibreOffice page there’s a separate link Download Offline Help

Next time use on a terminal apt search your query in this case apt search libreoffice help you will see a list of all the packages that include that information on its title or description on your repos.

The package should be named libreoffice-help-common and libreoffice-help-en-us, en-us stands for your language, en-us for united states english, es for spanish, de for german, ru for russian,etc…

To install them use sudo apt install libreoffice-help-common libreoffice-help-en-us and type your password.

thanks rcu,
That looks a lot different then what I was linked to yesterday from inside libre writer.

Note that later versions of help for LibreOffice are somewhat confusing. When you go to help for LibreOffice it launches the web browser but it is only browsing local files. So you might think it is online help but actually it is offline help, and should work fine when offline.

I got it downloaded on a windows machine and it worked pretty good.
And just got the Mac with PureOS done, too. Works good.

And the downloaded help did help me to figure out the table of content.

Thank you so much everybody.