Dropbox weird behavior

Hello there!

I am trying to install and run dropbox on PureOS and run into a confusing problem:

dropbox start -i
Starting Dropbox…dropbox: locating interpreter
dropbox: logging to /tmp/dropbox-antifreeze-6eFnVg
dropbox: initializing
dropbox: initializing python 3.5.4

Dropbox isn’t running!

Why is it telling me Dropbox isn’t running? Furthermore, I do get an icon on the top right but the dropdown menu doesnt give me access to preferences (such as choosing what folder get synced). Is PureOs blocking dropbox in any way? Does anyone use dropbox successfully on PureOs?

Thank you for your help!

I’d be quite interested in that question too! Sorry I can’t offer an answer.

Is that all of the ouput you get when trying to start dropbox?

Does it comment on python starting? If python doesn’t start dropbox can’t work. The service is dependent on that. Similar to how minecraft is (used to be) dependent on the java virtual machine.

Thank you for your response and help!

No, absolutely not. The … stood for tons of lines of code in terminal. It does seem to be starting python.

What confused me was why it’s telling me “Dropbox isn’t running!” while it actually starts it up.

The big issue I have (which might be linked?) is that the little tray icon on the top right which should display preferences as well (for example to change preferences) doesn’t work correctly in PureOS. I am therefore unable to change which folder is synced which is what I am ultimately trying to do. :slight_smile:

Any idea what I could do?

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Relaunching the question, still an issue here.

Use a different desktop environment. I am using Cinnamon and Dropbox works.

Thanks gdanko! Apparently it was a file that was blocking the sync on ubuntu. I deleted the file and now it’s running again properly.

Are you able to see the system tray icon in the default PureOS desktop environment? I can sync but cannot get to the GUI without switching DEs.

you can install the GNOME extension: Topicons plus, to add a system tray functionality to the top bar.


In case you are unfamiliar, you can install it by just going to the that page and pressing the on/off button

I have installed it and I can see the Dropbox icon but nothing happens when I click on it. :frowning:
So close!