Dropdown menu is stuck

When I click on a file, such as picture, it opens the dropdown menu but then it get stuck. When i release the the pic, the menu dissapears.
I cannot select any of the options in the dropdown menu

So using the dropdown to [for instance] to delete a pic , is not possible.

Librem 5 Europe - Evergreen


Same issue here. What I have found as a work around is…
–Items in list view because in this view, I can single press to select something without it trying to open.
–Select ‘Terminal’ keyboard. (world looking key, left of space bar).
–use keyboard shortcuts for common functions such as moving around, copy, paste, delete, etc.
I do wonder if there is a bug report for this out there somewhere or perhaps we have not found the secret sequence to be able to use the drop down menu.

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Going through photo’s is awesome with the on screen keyboard. Right and left arrow keys to go through pictures. Then just press delete if you want it gone.

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thanks for the reply. is a work around but it doesnt solve the real problem [the menu is not working properly]

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I think the real problem is well known and will eventually get fixed.


Have also had this problem (Europe, received my Evergreen yesterday) Thanks adamd for the tip - it works, although I had to find the ‘delete’ etc keys which were shown when I pressed the >_key. That seems to come up (sometimes?) on the keyboard when photos are in list view, without going into terminal.

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Almost one year after, and the problem continues. Also the issues with screen sizing isnt fixed. So i switched the phone off again, and try again 6 months from now. Quite disappointing that such basic functions still dont work. If even the most basic user interface functions dont work properly, the phone will never reach it’s objective. Customer experience should be key. Unfortenately, Purism hasnt figured that out yet. It will cost them dearly in time. Continue to ask for additional investors and investments will not help. Without proper customer interaction and experience, it will be a dead horse.

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