Dual Screen wallpaper for desktop

Question? I have a number of kool dual screen desktop wallpapers 3840x1080 but…I don’t see that as an option? Configuration issue or did I miss something? Anyways, this is as close as I come to a dual screen wallpaper.

. Its supposed to be this second pic.

Sorry about the lighting. I like messing with my LIFX light and playing with a bunch of colors. :slightly_smiling_face:

Solved! So I always wonder how in the heck do I set my monitors for a dual screen wallpaper. Usually the answer was right click, display setting, and the dual screen option was there. Ok, not so for Purism. For those that want to know, here it is. First click your Super Botton/the button with the Purism logo. Second, click the show applications button/ the icon with 9 tiny white dots. Three, jump to the second applications page where you’ll find TWEAKS icon. Click that icon. On the left side click APPEARANCE and now look near the bottom where it says ADJUSTMENT. Set to WALLPAPER, also known as dual screen setting. Pick your dual screen wallpaper with that setting and bang!!!