Dumb Bug on Epiphany with PureOS

Inside of PureOS, I was using the default Epiphany on my Librem 14 in the way that it shipped to me, but at some point when I was frustrated with the Mozilla location services installed by default I tried to uninstall some stuff, uninstalled too much, then tried to reinstall some stuff. Then, when I was concerned about it, I removed and re-installed epiphany-browser. All of these installations were done in a terminal emulator using apt.

Now, for some reason, although the system mostly appears to be working fine, the Epiphany browser will sometimes not render the contents of the page visited. Instead of rendering what should be on the screen, it shows a blank screen (or maybe sometimes a stale buffer containing a picture of something it rendered previously that is no longer live). The interactivity, such as the mouse passing over parts of the page contents and changing to a hand cursor, or to a text cursor, is still present. In the software, I theorize from what I’m seeing that Epiphany is still loading the particular web page and parsing it and its styling into the shapes that form what should be shown. But something in the step to show the end result to the screen is failing. Weirdly enough, I think that last time I installed PureOS myself to a machine, Epiphany had the same problem on that machine. But when I received my Librem 14 in the mail I don’t recall having this problem, at least not until I reinstalled stuff, I don’t think.

What would be the right place to look for Epiphany browser software logs? Suppose that I am using the wrong version of some OpenGL thing for hardware acceleration by default, or something like that. It would be nice to find an error log. Maybe there is an improved configuration that the Librem 14 came with that is missing in the apt version?

Edit: The issue is per-tab. Sometimes I will have a ‘dead tab’ that only renders solid white and/or garbage, and a ‘working tab’. But also, visiting certain sites even in the ‘working tab’ can seem to trigger the issue for that tab.

Use a PureOS image on a USB drive and see if the issue persists.