Early bird KS backer, Aspen definite?

Hi there, apologies if this has been asked 1000 times…

But i was one of the 1st backers. I jumped on as an early bird I think in the first 50-100 or so? I was able to get early bird pricing and there wasn’t too many backers at that point…

Does that guarantee I should be in the top for my release choices? I chose Aspen, but haven’t received modem email yet. It seems like they would go by order date as to who can choose what they want?

Thanks you!


Props to you !

Noone is going to be able to answer your question but what date did you order? You can get that from your order receipt email from 2017.

No, not on the basis of the available information.

It seems like that would be ‘fair’ but they haven’t explicitly stated that and there could be complicating factors such as what country you are in. I would guess that if you are in the US then that would work in your favour.