EARN IT Act threatens to END digital privacy, why is the FOSS world silent?

For instance, why doesn’t the Purism website at least have a banner warning about it?

For those who don’t know, it’s a US anti-encryption bill that has potential to essentially end digital privacy as we know it by putting legal pressure on software and hardware vendors to implement backdoors like those proposed by Apple

I mean, if it passes, won’t Purism be forced to implement backdoors in its products as well?

The Senate Judiciary Committee has already voted to advance it, the only thing that can stop it now is overwhelming public pushback…

The FOSS community seriously needs to mount a SOPA-style campaign to raise awareness, but instead there’s a deafening silence…


DIdn’t know that was a thing, that’s pretty damn scary…

There are some people talking about this issue. Naomi Brockwell talks about it in this video.

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