Ease of disassembling the Librem 13?


I’m interested in how easy it is to disassemble/remove/replace parts in the Librem 13? From what video reviews I’ve seen the back can be accessed by unscrewing the screws in the back of chassis, but I haven’t seen anyone actually do this. If this laptop could be upgraded in a few years as easily as a thinkpad could I would definitely be sold! Even if not, a detailed guide on how to upgrade parts would be wonderful and since I haven’t seen any guides to how the laptop is constructed in your FAQs, so I decided to ask here.



As far as upgrading RAM, storage and WiFi is concerned, yes, this is pretty easy. The RAM is a regular DDR4 SODIMM, storage is 2.5" SATA plus a 80mm M.2 slot with SATA and NVME capability. The WiFi sits in a so called NGFF slot which is basically a PCIe + USB slot, common for modern laptops, you can find plenty of cards e.g. on eBay.

Apart from that the battery can be replaced as well but it i a pretty custom module, which we can provide upon request.

I hope this helps to make your decision :slight_smile: