Easiest Install of PureOS on Mac relic

My aim: to install PureOS (or any Linux) onto a Macbook Air 2.1 (Core 2 Duo with 2 GB RAM) that is obsolete. I plan to attach an external DVD drive via USB and get a live session DVD so I can replace the OS. (Have done this in windows plenty… wondering if Mac presents unique problems?)

Question: can I just format entire drive and repartition with /root /home and /swap?

Or… do I need to take extra steps to make sure the Mac Hardware will boot after install?

Is there any danger of bricking the Air? Must I create a boot partition and put GRUB or something on there? Or should it just work?

Any install advice, and even steering me to an alternative OS for a light distro. Just need laptop to do the basics (Web browsing… ideally printing and bluetooth keyboard, ¿HDMI video out mirroring?)… is a Macbook Air 2.1 with Core 2 Duo 2 GB RAM.

Thanks for any alternatives or advice.

Hopefully the Mac will still boot if I repartition the entire disc. Maybe I should wait part of the day in case someone has advice that can save the day and avoid my trashing the boot system.

Many thanks.

just a note, you can also get Libreboot on this laptop

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Thank you @anon10067017
Be well

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