Easiest way to try plasma mobile in L5?

I would like to try how is working the plasma mobile on Librem 5. anyone know which is the easiest way to try plasma mobile in L5?
SD card?
Install packages directly from bizantium pureOS? That option is easy to rollback?

Thank you!

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Use postmarketOS.

Follow the instructions to install the image.

Purism Librem5 (purism-librem5)

For further information about Plasma Mobile, see this wiki page:

Plasma Mobile - postmarketOS

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Thank you @FranklyFlawless , I get stuck because after booting from SD and see the postmarketOS logo it asks me for a login and password in a terminal and after login I do not know how to start the GUI…

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If for whatever reason, the installed package is not currently running, use this:

Plasma Mobile#Starting Plasma Mobile from the Terminal - postmarketOS

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One approach is to image the eMMC drive before you start. Then, even if things go pear-shaped, you can get back to a working phone.

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