EC(Embedded Controller) & CPU Micro Code | Discussion

Aye, so I’ve been looking into some different devices focusing on making Linux and other GNU-based OSes work. When it comes to corebooted machines you generally get recommended 3 options:

  • Libreboot
  • x220 or x230
  • and Purism

I’m not thinking Libreboot is a good suggestion for me, as I need to run VMs and whatnot.
However, Purism is way to much power.

But, reading through the Coreboot wiki (x220 and x230) although you may be able to use me_cleaner for most of ME it still has CPU Micro-code and EC.

Does Purism do something different? I figured, it would be listed somewhere if it was a security risk.

Edit: The VGA doesn’t seem to matter. If I understand correctly, it just adds graphics to BIOS.
Your OS should work fine.