Eclipse -based app crashes on purism 15 display

I have installed ubuntu on my shiny new machine. I am using Zenta (an eclipse based application) quite frequently, both in docker containers and in the host. When opening a view, Zenta crashes both from the docker container and the host.
It is not related to libraries, as it is working in the exact same docker container in my old computer.
It is related to the X server, as it is working if I use Xvnc as the X server.

Easiest way to reproduce (dependencies:, git):
git clone
cd tidy-up
./tools/testenv # it puts you into the docker container. you have to be member of the docker group for it to work
open /build/tidyup.zenta (with File/Open… )
open any view in the model # -> crash

The workaround was to set scale to 100% in settings/devices/display.

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