Ecryptfs-utils missing in PureOS repository [It has been pulled from testing, because of an important issue]

On my last notebook, I copy/pasted a little script (pretty similar to this: to use a Yubikey to lock the current session if I pull the Yubikey from the usb-port and to activate encryption of my /home directory.
To configure similar on PureOS I’d like to use the future™ pam module and Librem Key combination (I know, it doesn’t exist yet, but I want to do something similar with what I’ve got now).

What I want to do now is to use the script above, change it a little to let it recognize another thumbdrive (if my Libremkey arrives, I’ll change it to this), and if I pull it out, it reencrypts the /home directory.
ecryptfs isn’t available in the green repository and I don’t want to add unnecessary repositories and break my config.

So, why is it missing?

EDIT: It seems, that it’s broken since a few iterations ->

EDIT: Ok, PureOS is based on testing, where ecryptfs-utils has been pulled because of this issue:

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