[EDIT] How to use WiFi with higher priority (over mobile data)

[EDIT]: Turns out phone uses mobile data over WiFi, and I think I went over data caps over last few days.
Now question is how do I make phone use WiFi over Mobile network? (I’ve disabled Mobile NW with kill switch right now)

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How do I debug slower WiFi speeds. (Hopefully without installing new package, it’s taking forever for this)
I’m looking at 0.2mbps speeds and I’ve no idea what can be going wrong.

I’m using SparkLAN WiFi card


Following discussion at: Mobile Data Usage
That thread is trying to address same issue

WiFi already has higher priority than mobile data since around 2020.

If it seems to you that mobile data is still used when it shouldn’t, it’s likely either caused by the application you’re using holding on to the modem’s interface (which needs to be fixed in that specific application), or by having IPv6 available only via mobile connection.


I definitely don’t have IPv6 on my WiFi / ISP.
And Purism SIM card gets IPv6, I disabled IPv6 from Advanced Network Configuration. Now things seem to be good. If that is not the right way let me know. [I’ll update thread if I see otherwise]

Can you please add comment to other thread as well ?

I stopped using Brave because of this, I found that Brave kept the wwan0 port open even though wlan0 was available.