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Elementary Os, a visionary, Please Vouch For This in the Reply and by bookmarking it!

Elementary os's panatheon platform, is a privacy respecting user oriented linux Desktop with a Pay-What-You-Want model this platform excels at user frontend and privacy.

The User Interface

Panatheon's user interface combines powerful long-time use with easy to use for beginners. It comes fully equipped with searching, indicators, notifications(and do not disturb), as well as workspaces and window spread. This interface is minimally customizable and excels at workflow and minimal distraction

The applications

Panatheon comes with useful applications built in, such as music or app center or files. Elementary os app center comes with standard Linux applications but has its own brand of applications, verified to be privacy respecting and consistent.

The Advantages

Elementary pantheon desktop is built like gnome and should have no problem putting it on the laptops, and has already been tried on Debian. So this should be no problem and would be an advantageous decision in creating an easy to use Linux os. For Pure os developers, try the instructions on the website to port to pure os, and I will be working on doing this too.

The Elementary OS Phone

Artists have depicted this concept a lot, and have come up with images: Here My personal development ideas for this would be to use Linux tools and themes combined on the Liberem 5 to create something like this: https://iwf1.com/elementary-os-phone-concept would be as follows:
1. Create A gnome(best) or plasma desktop Phone
2. Get Gnome beta with the translucent login screen, or change the variable in shell theme with gtkInspector to be translucent. Leave Notifications
3. Get Dark Translucent login with a stylised keyboard.
4. Change Icons: https://github.com/elementary/icons
5. Change Top Of Screen To have mac os style indicators, perhaps use the elementary repository, and have swipe down.
6. Use elementary gtk theme, changed for phone use, and create a messaging application based of-of the pure os one, same with other applications. Create custom gtk window and menu, e.c.t
7. Install plank to create phone menu and create custom app center for phone apps, and perhaps port Linux apps as a lower priority, like in the real app center. You would then need a guide, and have design rules like Elementary os.

Elementary os’s popularity would allow it to have a marketing advantage; according to the snap store downloads, elementary os is the 3rd most popular os below ubuntu.