Emergency notifications Librem 5 support

One of the things I noticed when getting a smartphone in March was that I received some emergency notifications (a few "Amer Alert"s and one “Shelter in place” Alert).

I was wondering what support the Librem 5 had for these (if at all)? I have no idea what the protocol is. I did find a topic that talks about Presidential alerts, but it didn’t seem to have any content about if it works on the L5.


I think that most of these alerts are sent over the normal mobile network (that’s what all phones have). Maybe it’s also some kind of app (here in Germany, there is KatWarn and NINA which you can install on your smartphone).

It’s this one: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cell_Broadcast

Good question. It may be that at this stage noone knows. It’s not as if Purism can ask the local government to send a test message.

Even if the protocol is supported, the potential exists for the message to be mishandled (due to the unique characteristics of the cell broadcast message, if that’s what it is, and it could vary from country to country as to whether they use the SMS-CB functionality).

Because the MMS support is not yet released, there may also be issues with message length.

Because at that time no customer had a phone about which they could comment?

I may have to wait until summer here (southern hemisphere) to comment from my own experience - but hopefully not!

It does not. I gave the lineage phone to my wife and it just received an “amber alert” this morning. The Librem 5 (sitting right next to it) did nothing.

The message displayed was a long one, so it’s possible it’s an MMS issue.

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