Enable Discourse's Mailing List Mode

Currently Discourse email notifications require signing into the Purism community forums to respond to personal messages, quotes, replies, mentions, or activity in watched categories/tags/topics. Enabling Discourse’s mailing list mode will provide an option to reply to the email itself.

I would turn most of those off …

Separately, the email option is less likely to be secure.

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It works fine for the Tor Project Forum.

In this example, the category is just a mirror of all of the mailing lists themselves, but mailing list mode can be enabled for the entire forum through your user profile.

In its respective dropdown menu, you can choose between two options:

  • Send me an email for every new post (about 14 per day)
  • Send an email for every new post except my own

I already muted the mailing lists category, which is why the total number of posts per day is lower than default.