Encrypted Backup files


I’m looking for a software to create an incremental encrypted back up of my hard drive.
Apart from Dejadup, what software do you use and recommend ?

In advance thank you for your suggestion.

Dejadup is the way to go for now, however for my desktop OS “Ubuntu” i am using Pika, Flatpak Install, and that has worked ok. All that said, i think maybe it is better to get a cheap external harddrive and just create an .IMG file with the built in Disks App of your entire main drive and use that for restore, you would have to boot with a bootable Linux USB drive to do that (thats fairly easy to do).

That way you don’t have to re-install apps etc. iOS/MacOS installs your settings then your apps, in Linux its annoying that you have to restore settings, then manually re-install your apps (if you know which ones). It works yes but not very convenient.

Linux and Windows for that matter hasn’t figured out easy restore, Apple OS has, good news Linux allows you to do easy .IMG restore, but you need to know how.


Hi Captain_Morgan,

Thx for your quick reply, I like your solution, very handy !


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For all my systems, I bought a $100 WD 5TB HDD, created a LUKS encrypted partition that spans the entire disk, created a basic shell script that mounts and unlocks the drive (I can link it if anyone is interested), and use rsync to incrementally mirror the data, retain file permissions and modifiers, onto the encrypted partition. Lock and unmount the partition after the data is transferred, then disconnect the HDD for safe keeping.

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