Encrypting partitions fails


How to make “/” and “/home” partitions encrypted ?
With the new PureOs installation image it is not working at all.


What about jwhen you run the installer off the live USB use the whole drive for the install and setting the “encrypted” cehckbox? It will ask for the password to decrypt the drive. This will encrytp the full drive.

with the new PureOs image (Prometheus 8.0 Beta 1), flashed on USB there is no graphical install menu any more.
I can only try the Live PureOs and from there then install it like mentioned here : https://tracker.pureos.net/w/installation_guide/live_system_installation/

When I follow the steps mentioned, I’m not able to make the directories encrypted.

You mentioned you wanted to encrypt “/” and “/home” (I think). If you choose “Erase whole disk” in step 5 then look for an encrypt disk check box and check it, it should ask you for a password. Then everytime you log in you will be prompted to decrypt the drive. This will encrypt “/” and all data on the disk. if you are trying to create a partition schema with different dirs on different partitions and then encrypt certain ones, that is beyond me. I have noticed no issue with sluggishness using WDE.

ok but I want a separate “/home” directory to keep personal data separate from the root directory.