Encryption for L5

Phone just arrived. Waiting on purism to deliver the modem but I’m guessing that will take forever. One thing I saw was no disk encryption. For what purism says they stand for, I’d expect it to have an easy to setup full disk encryption program built into settings but it doesn’t even really seem properly possible with true LUKS encryption. It might just be the only phone made in the last 10 years without disk encryption and this is coming from Purism. How can I set this up (with ease)?

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Did you get a second-hand phone? We’ve been sending out encrypted phones for a while now. You need to flash a PureOS Byzantium image.

Note: there’s no ease yet. We’re working on that side of it.

I got the phone in a not used condition from a third party international individual. The phone is untouched. I’m currently installing byzantium. Why can’t byzantium just come as a simple update?

That’s because it introduces full disk encryption. We’d rather not hide a huge, risky change under the guise of a small update.


Fair enough though it would be nice to still show some sort of button but just with a few warnings. Irrelevant to this but video player anyone? How? VLC feels super buggy and mpv doesn’t work properly.
Installed and encryption with my own password no problem with that.
edit 1:
totem working great though eh in portrait. Anyways really excited :slight_smile:

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VLC flatpak version should work well.


Clapper a video player is the best for L5, it using VPU-HW-ACCEL.h.264

It really is quite hard to get from an unencrypted disk to an encrypted disk in a “simple update”. Basically the update would have to read each block on disk, encrypt it, write it back - plus introduce the encryption headers / container - all the while allowing the system to continue to operate normally - and while also handling unexpected interruption e.g. battery going flat / shutdown / crash in the middle of that.

So the “easy” option is that there is no update - you blow away the existing disk contents and replace it with a new encrypted disk (fresh install) and then have to re-establish all your content and settings.

Also, if flashing byzantium anew, make sure you actually choose to install the encrypted-disk (luks) variant. I think it defaults to the unencrypted variant.

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