Encryption Issues Librem

  1. How do i encrypt my home folder of PureOS? (Using Librem 15 v3)
  2. When i boot up my encryption password is typed exactly good but it asks me like 2-3 times before i can login…
  3. How come my bios is not coreboot but it is Seabios…
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In reverse order:

  • SeaBIOS is the payload for Coreboot; that is, it provides the Basic Initial Operating System and Unified Extensible Firmware Interface modules, but Coreboot has other firmware features.
  • I noticed this too, but it seemed to go away when typing more slowly. My guess is that there is software when Linux boots that debounces keypresses (counts a chattering electrical connection during a keypress as one character entry, not multiple ones, or if too short to register, instead of zero) that has not yet loaded at this stage, but I have no idea if that is actually the case.
  • You want additional encryption to the full-disk encryption?

I see 2 different encryption names. I am using PureOS. Also when i turn off the pc it shutdowns but there is one black screen with _ in white… so i am kinda disappointed in librem i expected it to be a good laptop