Encryption Required?

Related to my earlier question about Claws, are pgp and enigma really required?

If all I do is use old list-servs and idle banter about old board wargames in my retirement, do I even need to use these add-ons?

If there was a transmission I really I wanted keep private, I could always go back to five letter code groups and a one-time pad.

The privacy features I’m really waiting for are in the phone with non-tracking and non-marketing abilities. Not because I want to keep any secrets, but because I’m a jerk.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure PGP only encrypts if both sender and receiver use it, so I don’t think any of those list-serv emails would be encrypted anyway, nor would the banter if the other person with whom you are bantering doesn’t use PGP.

So, I would say not required.

Thanks. So it sounds like my other question about using Claws would work, if the add-ons are not required.

The install links about T-Bird on the librem.one pages led me to believe I “had” to install pgp and enigma. So I blindly installed them.

Meh, water under the bridge.

Addendum. I finally removed enigma from my email client.

It kept asking for my encryption passphrase every time I wanted to send an email. Had to keep hitting the “Cancel” button and turn it off.