Enhancement request: CapsLock light

So I’ve been using my Librem 15 v3 for about 2 months now. The only complaint I have about it is the lack of a CapsLock light.

I sometimes hit the CapsLock key instead of the Tab or Shift keys. This is easily seen when working in a terminal, but is totally invisible in other contexts. The worst is entering the password at boot time to decrypt the LUKS-encrypted hard disk. (This with PureOS.) My password is long and complex. When it is rejected the first or second time my inclination is to think that I mis-typed it. I finally realize that there is no way I got it wrong, hit the CapsLock and try again. Problem solved.

Please add a CapsLock light to the next hardware revision of the Librem 15. You might also add a NumLock light for the same reason. I should be able to look at the keyboard and ascertain how the state keys are working.



Hi qUT4kr8icw,
I avoid this problem by changing functionality of the CapsLock key to control key. I think “who uses all caps enough to have a dedicated key for it?” The location of the CapsLock key is, in my opinion, prime real estate on the keyboard; so I choose to make it a function I need far more often than CapsLock.

I press “Enter” key with my right little finger, and “Control” with my left little finger. Less twisting my hand around to get control key.

If you like this idea, how to do it? I hate to admit I haven’t installed PureOS yet on a laptop (and my order for Librem laptop is pending), but I recall Ubuntu had System -> Preferences -> Keyboard or, since it is Gnome, gnome-tweak-tool > Typing

Perhaps the link below will help? I will need to know, myself, since one of the first things I’ll do when my laptop arrives is change CapsLock to Control! :slight_smile:



caps lock is used to enter capitals of some letters with diacritic from numeric keys (eg ĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉ) as shift is used to actually enter those numbers. so yes, anyone is free to remap keys as he likes but caps is an essential key of standard keyboard.

Ah, thanks for enlightening me, ruff! Much appreciated.

Thanks for reporting. I’m a new Librem 13 (v2) user and I’ve found myself running into the same problem. And though it doesn’t help for the login screen or when doing anything outside of Gnome, I did find this stopgap measure pretty helpful.

While running Gnome, install Gnome Tweaks (https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Apps/Tweaks) which is available in the Software library. From the command line use:
sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Once installed, select Extensions from the left column menu. Then in the list of extensions find Key Indicator click the corresponding switch to enable.

Now when you hit Caps Lock, Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Num Lock, an indicator will appear at the right side of your top bar near your network indicator.

Unfortunately I’m unable to source the post that helped me find this stopgap otherwise I’d include the link. In any case I hope this helps. Also, for what it’s worth, I second qUT4kr8icw’s vote for a CapsLock light for the next revisions of the Librem 13 and 15.

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Thanks for sharing this @theaphro, it’s a great tip! I too have been looking for a solution to this, and would strongly support adding CapsLock & NumLock lights on the next hardware upgrade.

Unfortunately, I have Gnome Tweaks installed but don’t see the “Keys Indicator” option available on the Extensions menu. On my version of Gnome tweaks, “Launch new instance” is listed right below “Auto move windows.” Which version do you have installed? Hopefully an upgrade will be pushed through soon, as I’d love to activate this feature.

@thegoat You should be able to find Keys Indicator either through


or searching it in “Software”

Found it, thank you!

Added the Keys Indicator thanks all! I agree that an indicator light would be a really helpful addition for logging in…